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One Day, One Celebration – Scottish Rite Freemasonry!

The Scottish Rite App is useful for communicating with Brothers throughout the United States and receiving information and calendar dates for Scottish Rite Events. On Nov. 12, 2016, Valleys, Orients and Councils of Deliberations from both the Northern Masonic and Southern Jurisdictions will come together to celebrate the Scottish Rite. It is the first time the fraternity has held such a nationwide day of honor.

We are asking that everyone in both jurisdictions commemorate Scottish Rite Day. Our hope is that you see it as a chance to enjoy a fun, memorable occasion where you can reach out to and connect with your Brothers.

Some states in the NMJ are planning a statewide 32° conferral. Others are planning a banquet with their ladies, where a jewel or medallion presentation will be made to all candidates who received the 32° during 2016. 33° members will be asked to wear white tie and tails to the conferrals and/or the banquets and all others either a tuxedo or dark suit.

Scottish Rite Day is meant to be an enjoyable, inspirational, and meaningful experience for our members. The event will also accord the 32° the recognition and prestige it deserves.

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New, Commissioned Jewel and Medallion

nmj-medal1A handsome, new jewel or medallion, similar to the one pictured here, is being commissioned. They will be available in November 2016, to all who have been made a Scottish Rite Mason. In the NMJ, each candidate receiving his 32° during 2016, will be presented this commemorative jewel free of charge; others may purchase this one-of-a-kind jewel for $25. The jewel can be pre-ordered at, and the medallion will be available to pre-order soon.

nmj-medal2Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information regarding Scottish Rite Day in your area.

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